The Notion of Purity
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Report on modern viewpoint – the notion of purity
It is unthinking that people in almost all lands of the world used to value “purity” as the state of being maiden decades ago. The world is changing together with the viewpoints of its owners as we can say ” different societies, different manners”. In Victorian Britain, the notion of purity depended strongly on the chaste body while modern English likely care the way that ones characteristics goes to look for the “ever – lasting purity”. Is it identical in Vietnam? We used to get the same idea for purity standard in feudal era. At this moment, the new – sprungs make any difference, do they? To find out the answer, I conducted a survey. I gave a sheet of paper to each member of my group and let them choose the answer from four suggetions on the notion of purity. After looking over, I took in the fact that there are exactly four types of viewpoints in my group which are correspondent to my four suggestions.

The first type and also the great type of all belongs to the group of students choosing the last one. There are 8 over 20 insisting on this way of judging the quality of being pure. They reqire all states of being chaste (in body), being moral ( in thoughts) and being kind ( in characteristics) for the notion of purity. As a result, I can make a conclusion that they are too strict to the concept. Moreover, they make me see the feudal viewpoints work so well in the modern world!

The second main type is just a half as “strong” as the first, 5 over 20. They make me in high spirits by choosing the third way of answers, they care the characteristics. It is quite clear that they are influenced by the viewpoints of the modern British and American which are understandable since they are students of English Department. I really regard this way of thinking.

The third group of students is the 4 students choosing the second way. They consider the state of being moral (in thoughts) the standard to judge purity. I think it is not wrong but thoughts is not enough and it is theoretical to have a pure mind. Nevertheless I accept somone with a litle cruel or dirty mind but that one can control it in order not to make it true to be with purity.

The last group also the smallest is the group of 3 students who regard the chaste body. I do think they are completely Vietnamese traditional girls. However,

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