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The distribution of funds and the United States healthcare system has both confidential (mostly employer funded) and society parts. For instance, a little over 70% of the people have an insurance plan that is private, almost 25% have an insurance plan that is through the government, a little over 13% are protected by Medicare, almost 11% are covered by Medicaid and only a little over 3% have armed forces medical insurance. In 1997, only 16% of society had no medical insurance (No Author, 2007).

The Differences in Health Policies: One of the most important unlikenesss between the Armed forces and Veteran Healthcare plans (policies) is in relation to the status of their duties and each section has distinct coverage and benefits. Take for instance, the Veterans Healthy Administration and the Armed Forces Health System; there differences are in accordance of the type of benefits or coverage. When not on active duty the former member of the armed forces lose some of their healthcare aid but likewise can acquire added former member benefits (Federal Benefits for Veterans, 2011). Although, the private section is protected (covered) by way of insurance that is private but a huge amount comes from employers. Therefore, the section that is private medical insurance, because the armed forces and the administrations for former members of the military are government backed designs. One downfall which is the high expense of medical insurance is the reason that has left many people uninsured. Moreover, there are some advantages to this: a). better acknowledgements to buyers selections and necessities, b). the quality of care grows for people with private medical insurance (Blanchette, Claude-1997). Each population of people is also served differently, which is note in the plan.

II. Examples of polices in one system that influence policymaking in another system: The private medical insurance affects other medical (health) systems. It impacts the scope of covering of and the gateway to other medical care programs or services. It offers both pitfalls and chances for expense tensions on medical (health) systems. A single instance would be: for private medical insurance the higher the sum is paid for an insurance contract (premium), the more tension it places on the populace (public) medical systems and the people who are responsible for making policies to execute rules and laws for a matched approach to medical care and less monetary allotments to the armed services and the retired armed services (Federal Benefits, 2011).

The second instance is if more cash was allotted for the armed forces medical, which was put into place by policy, then this can influence the sum of financing for the Administration of Veterans Health and the services for the retired armed services (veterans), because there is only so much monetary funding. For the medical system in general; the more extravagant the monetary distribution in one section, there will be less for the other medical sections. One more fact is that the private medical insurance

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