Defensive Driving
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Operating a motor vehicle is a serious matter and requires a lot of responsibility. According to statistics, over 40,000 people are killed each year due to automobile accidents that could have been prevented. By taking a defensive approach to driving, you could ultimately save someones life or help prevent an accident. Defensive driving skills can also help you avoid the dangers caused by other peoples bad driving. Before you get behind the wheel, it is important to learn skills that will help you stay in control.

First of all, make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. Your vehicle should be inspected at least once a year. Always make sure that your headlights, brake lights, and signal lights are properly working and are clean. Also pay close attention to your brakes, tires, windows, steering, wiper blades and horn. These items should be checked regularly. It is important to have your automobile checked at least once a year by a certified professional. If any problems arise, make sure you deal with them as soon as possible because mechanical problems may result in breakdowns or traffic accidents.

It is very important to secure each passenger in the car

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