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Matt Ryan
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Matt Ryan has to have the most questionable role on the Atlanta Falcons this year. Some weeks we ask him to throw 40+ times and some weeks we only give him about 25. His highest completion percentage this year is just 66.7 and the most yards hes thrown for is 330. Ryans highest threw 7 games last year was 72.7% and 299 yards. The competition is certainly different but I think its safe to say he has the weapons in place this year to put up the stats. So now the question is: Matt Ryan a game changer or just a game manager?

The first thing people attack when asked about Ryans production is his offensive line. This year he has been sacked 18 times. 5 against Chicago, 4 against Philly and Tampa, and 3 against Detroit. This same offensive line only allowed 1 sack against the Packers. I understand we dont have the best offensive line but some of it is on Ryan not getting the ball out of his hand and some of its on Mike Mularkeys play calling. The game against Chicago Ryan threw the ball 47 times (5 sacks), Philadelphia 28 times (4 sacks), Tampa 47 times (4 sacks) and Detroit 34 times (3 sacks).

This offense was built to run the ball and Matt Ryan was drafted to manage the game. As much as I love Ryan the stats show it.Even Ryan said himself hed like to play better here. If Turner isnt rolling we seem to get pass happy and lose our balance. Ryan has the arm the accuracy and the weapons to be an elite quarterback in this league but as of now I think hes still a game manager. Do not get me wrong Matt Ryan is a hell of a quarterback especially during our no huddle offense but I dont think hes a game changer just ye

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