A Beautiful Mind – Movie Review
Essay Preview: A Beautiful Mind – Movie Review
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A Beautiful Mind is a fantastic movie that shows what its like to live with schizophrenia and why its so hard to treat. It is a movie about the life of the Nobel Prize winner and mathematician John Nash, sadly he passed away almost three years ago. The movie started to be somewhat uninteresting for me, but as one would watch attentively, it would probably one of the best movies one could ever watch. Varying from different genres, mystery, drama, family, thriller, love story and the most important factor is the issue of mental health problems.John Nash who is portrayed by the actor Russell Crowel, is a super intelligent mathematician who doesn’t want to socialize with people, or if he does, he keep it to minimum at most. He develops a new economic theory which was titled “Governing Dynamics”, while he was at Princeton University. Also during his time in the university, he mostly interacts with his roommate Charles and become best friends with him. He then started working at MIT and met the love of his life Alicia, who was a graduate student who falls for Nash.

Nash started to feel bored in his teaching profession thinking that he is not utilizing his knowledge really well. He then started working with Agent Parcher of the United States Department of Defense who recruited him to break secret codes. The symptoms of schizophrenia becomes apparent starting from here. The schizophrenia started to get worse as each time passed, and Alicia brought Nash to psychiatric care and discovered that he is suffereing from schizophrenia. After rehabilitation and taking medications, Nash realized that Agent Parcher, Charles and Charle’s niece are all hallucinations caused by his mental health problem.Nash started to stay at the house and avoided society after his treatment and was taken care of his wife. The movie shows the struggle and burden to take care of someone with mental health, in which case one can see it with Alicia’s burden in taking care of Nash and their baby. Alicia does her best and always reminding herself how much she loves Nash and he is the man she had married. Nash, stopped taking his medication secretly. The effect on Nash caused a big commotion and effect when he started to solve puzzles in newspaper clippings, which was later on discovered by his wife after Nash left their son alone in the bath, thinking that Charles was watching his son. His son was saved in the nick of time because of his wife and they started arguing and Alicia shows that she was clearly breaking apart, but apparently they talked about it and found a way to make it work without Nash taking medications, by the means of understanding what was real and what was not so that he can live properly.

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