Technology: A Claw to the Souls of the Juvenile
Essay Preview: Technology: A Claw to the Souls of the Juvenile
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out of natural resources, and that is how technology started. As the people explore and discover new things, they are gradually improving their way of living by enhancing the tools they are using. The discovery and mastery of fire increased the availability of food and the discovery of wheel also helped by means of transportation. Technology has been a significant help on the survival of human beings. In the 21st century, people cannot imagine their life without technology. It rapidly changed the generation of the youth today. Though technology brings ease to the lives of individuals, it has made this generation greedy, ignorant, lazy and immature. People nowadays are being driven by the satisfaction and helpfulness it brings to their lives without recognizing the negative effects it also brings.

One of the negative effects of technology is, it causes constant distraction to the academic performance of students. Teenagers nowadays are continuously devoting themselves to it thus, it badly affects their study habits. Students who spend much time on their smartphones rather than their lessons tend to have low grades and poor academic performance. Being too much drowned by technology can also affect their social relationship with other people in a negative way. There were many teenagers who can spend the whole0 day inside their rooms with their gadgets and find it too difficult to have physical interaction with others.

Technology has various ways of bringing instant connections to the people all around the world to easily interact to the different parts of the world. The worldwide connectivity through social media sites are introduced and as time goes by, hundreds and millions of people are using it. Since a lot of people are into using these sites, it is open to different high risk of threats such as hackings, fraudulent acts, cyber bullying and numerous virus that may contaminate ones computers and mobile devices. The unawareness of people in properly using these social media sites could put them in high risk of threats.

It is very alarming that health related problems of technology is gradually increasing nowadays. Studies have shown that the over usage of such technologies can harm people physically, emotionally and mentally. The improper way of using these technologies may lead to different health problems mainly the harmful effects to the eyesight of the users. One of the causes of obesity and improper posture is also linked to the misusage of such technologies. People must be aware on how to avoid the harmful effects brought by these technologies.

In our group, I volunteer myself to handle everything, not because I do not trust my other groupmates but because no one will initiate if one will not start. So as a contribution, I arrange all the requirements needed as well as their individual task and set a deadline for all the needed requirements. I also gave them the list and flow of the discussion and the things and compiled this whole paper as well as the power point presentation and videos for commercial with the help of Lorraine. Me and Airish collaborate ideas to come up with this presentation. We ended up 6 members in the group. For the evaluation, I can say that all of the girls participated well and they are really responsible. In this subject, Oralcom, I can say that I already faced my fear in speaking in public, although there are still feelings of being scared but it is better than before. I think this opportunity of having 21 classmates only and a jolly and friendly professor made a big contribution to develop more my interpersonal skills (Garcia).

As I enrolled into this class, I expected to learn many things like to improve my skills in communication as a sender and a receiver, and enhance my abilities verbally and non-verbally. This expectation was reached through the help of practices and exercises done during the semester. We used different methods individually like impromptu and poem recitations, and group activities like debate and short skits. Working in group needs proper management and cooperation, as we do this activity; I helped the group by complying with the assigned tasks and giving suggestions as we brain storm for ideas that will be used in out symposium. Our presentation is all about how technology affects teenagers like us in a negative way. All of us can relate about the subject we are teenagers and it is visible that most of us use technology in our daily living (Gonzales).

The whole group perfromed well and complied with the deadlines and requirements. The idea and title was constructed with the help of each and everyone. Polisto however didnt contribute much to the success of the paper but atleast he cooperated well with us unlike Mr. Francisco who didnt even bother asking. As for myself, I did my best to help my group and do my speech and the tasks assigned to me. Additionally, the final term requirement was done ahead of time to prevent cramming. Many things were learned in this course with the help of a jolly and cute prof. Even though the class is so noisy every oralcom time, still we managed to listen to the professors teachings and lessons. There is no single moment that the class became boring and it only proved that lerning is fun. I learned that men are pain on the neck. Kidding. I learned how to speak well and right in front of other people. Also the dos and donts whenever in front. And lastly, everyones confidence was lifted in this class (Calangi).

I can say that Oral Communication (Oralcom) is the most stress free and chill class among the 9 subjects that I am taking this semester. First, I found it really challenging because Tita A, our professor, gave us tasks that focused on our communication skills. I admit that I am not that good in english and speaking in from of many people. Moreover, I am not used at being in a class where there were only 20 of us and the majority is irregular students. I was afraid that I may not able to make

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