Water Heating Setup
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An Introduction which includes the hypothesis to be proven or disapproved.In this experiment I think the water will increase in temperature the longer the time is. Without losing any of the mass of the water and cup.The experimental Setup which includes the description of the instruments and resources used. The Setup section should also have a description of how to carry out the experiment. For this experience we used 3 different cups 26, 27, and 35. Water that eventually would be heated up using the microwave at different timings. A scale that measured the cup, then the cup before and after it was heated with the water in it. A thermometer to receive the temperature of the water once it was heated.The Data which includes recorded information from the experiment.The Analysis section which primarily is a discussion of the data. The Analysis will also have an error analysis, if applicable, which should have both the systematic and the quantitative experimental/statistical error, which is either the deviation from the accepted value normalized by the accepted value or the chi square of the fit of the data trend. If you place the cup on the scale wrong, you can receive a wrong number. If the scale isn’t cleared you can receive wrong mass. If the water isn’t measured right or heated for the correct time, you can receive wrong information.The Conclusion which should state that the hypothesis was proved or disproved or if further study needs to be done.According to my hypothesis I would agree that the longer the water is in the microwave the hotter it shall be. Also with the mass loss being around zero for all experiments. TimeTemp. (°C)Mass Before (g)Mass After (g)Mass Loss (g)Microwave Heat (cal)ΔTTime (seconds) 0:00263003000000 0:1028.330030006902.310 0:203330030002100720 0:3036.73003000321010.730 0:4039.7300302-23057.413.740 0:5045.43003000582019.450 1:0046.33003000609020.360 1:3056.7300305-56663.530.790 2:0064.730030001161038.7120 2:3080.3300298217261.454.3150 3:008530029911818159180 4:0097.93002861428123.471.9240 5:0097.93002752533272.571.9300

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