Read Chapter 3, specifically pg 87. Also read the attached section from Mary Rowlandsons work (MaryRowlandson.pdf). You can stop reading when you get to the section “The First Remove.”

Then view some (hopefully all) of the interviews from “500 Nations” with modern Native Americans. Then answer the questions below using the same rubric (see syllabus). I included some videos for you to view, which should help in determining both sides of the story. In the past, some people have made a lot of grammatical mistakes with this assignment. Be sure to read the grammar guide in the first module. “Bible” should be capitalized here.

1. What does Mary Rowlandsons work lead the reader to believe about the Natives? Be descriptive (words, tone, etc.).
2. Viewing the excerpts from “500 Nations,” how did the Native Americans feel about this same time period and event?
3. As a historian, what could you conclude happened based on the textbook, Mary Rowlandsons work, and information passed down through Native Americans?

Mary Rowlandson’s work based on her eleven-week captivity makes us, readers, see the Natives as very cruel unhuman beings. In the reading of “A narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson”, she describes how they would hear noises and look outside and all of a sudden many houses were burning. She continues to describe many different ways she had seen people die. She only talked about how cruel the Natives were to her but nowhere did she mention how bad the Natives had been treated before.

After viewing the excerpts from “500 Nations,” the Native Americans felt like they were being punished. The Native American felt like they were having everything taken away from them. They were getting denied many things such as horse, boast, and powder from

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