Mary Louise Pratt Edward Said
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The key tools to maintaining your identity
There are many tools that one can use to maintain their identity, nationally and internationally. A nation or land is where people have established their life, their culture and their heart; sadly it has happened where people have been forced out of their homeland. Great opening sentences. Mary Louise Pratt, Kenji Yoshino and Edward Said all present very good methods of maintaining one’s national identity in their essays. In Mary Louise Pratt’s essay Arts of the Contact Zone she gives examples of people who are in a contact zone. Contact zones are where people are meeting other cultures, and they have to remember not to lose their own. (this was a run-on so I made it into two senteces)One of the Arts of the contact zone that describes what has happened with the Palestinians is Transculturation. Good. Transculturation is the combining of two different cultures. The Palestinians have been spread all over the world, and have had to take on the ways of their surroundings to fit into the norm while still keeping ways of their culture with them. In Kenji Yoshinos essay Covering the Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights, Yoshino is trying to stop people from showing their false selves, also known as covering. “Everyone

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