Martin Luther – the Great Reformer
Essay Preview: Martin Luther – the Great Reformer
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Martin Luther The Great Reformer, written by J.A. Morrison. Revised by Michael J. McHugh, consists of 122 pages. This is a non-fiction book. That takes place in Eisleben, Germany.

Martin Luther The Great Reformer, is a biography of Martin Luthers life. And how he was raised in a catholic home, but didnt always agree with the catholic way of thinking. Martin was raised by two very religious parents. Hans and Margaret Luther. Who on november 10, 1483 were blessed with this wonderful child.

The very next day after his birth, his parents swept him away to their church to be baptized. Martins parents always said that when they had children they would take them to be baptized as soon as possible. And indeed they did! But not long after his birth, they moved to Mansfeld. Where his father found work in mines.

Both his parents were very hard workers in order to provide for their children. Martin had this to say concerning their struggles: “My father was a poor miner and my mother carried the wood from the forests on her back; they both worked the flesh off their bones in order to bring up their children.”

Now martin definitely took his parents hard work ethic into mind when it came time for him to do the same.
Now, Martin wasnt the only child of Hans and Margaret Luther. He also had 3 sisters and 1 brother.

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