Auschwitz – Birkenau Death Camp
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Auschwitz-birkenau was by the provincial Polish town of Oshwiecim, in Galacia. It was where the largest numbers of European Jews were killed. They called it “The Gate to Hell”. In September 1941 the SS men (Hitlers Men) experimented with gassing and killed over 850 people. Murdering a large number of prisoners became a daily routine. By 1942 there had been three million people killed through gassing, starvation, disease, shooting, and burning. Almost every one of the prisoners was a Jew.

At Auschwitz children were killed as soon as they got there. Children born in the camp were also killed right away. There were “Camp Doctors” that would torture and cause horrible pain on the Jewish children. They were put into pressure chambers, tested with drugs, castrated, and frozen to death. Block 10 was a room in Auschwitz that was used for medical experimentation. German doctors had to sign up to use this room and they would take some of the prisoners and torture them until they died.

Dr. Clauberg liked to use sterilization by injection. He would take married women between the ages of twenty and forty that have already had children and inject a substance into their cervix so that the fallopian tubes would fill up. The women would scream with pain, feeling like their stomachs were going to burst.

Horst Schumann used block 10 for castration or X-rays. He would use healthy young men and women in their early teens or twenties. He would place plates on different areas of the body and then turn on the machine. The patients got burns that would become infected and took a long time to heal. Many would have fever, severe pain and vomiting.

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