Marketing Research as a Basis for Making Management Decisions
Essay Preview: Marketing Research as a Basis for Making Management Decisions
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COURSE WORKon discipline “Marketing”on the topic:”Marketing research as a basis for making management decisions”4th year studentthe internally-correspondence form of trainingRyshkevich O. N.Saint-Petersburg 2014The contentsIntroduction. The concept and essence of marketing research.1 the Process of marketing research.2 develop a plan gather information.3 the Stages of conducting marketing research. Methods of gathering information.1 the Survey, its nature, types, advantages and disadvantages.2 the Questionnaire, the structure, programming sequence. The types of issues and requirements.3 Observation and experiment: nature, types, stages, advantages and disadvantages. Market research antivirus softwareConclusionReferencesIntroductionUnder marketing research means the systematic collection, display and analysis of data on different aspects of marketing. Marketing research is the function which, through the information connects marketers with the markets, consumers, competitors, with all elements of the external environment of marketing. Marketing researches are connected with decision-making on all aspects of marketing activity. They reduce the level of uncertainty and concern all the elements of the marketing mix and the external environment in those its components which affect the marketing of a particular product in a particular market.From the point of view of the object of study of marketing research represent a comprehensive study. So, it is very difficult to separate from each other such areas of research as the market, consumer, competitor. The market is inconceivable without competition, consumers form their behavior in a certain market environment. Market research involves the elucidation of his condition and trends that can help identify shortcomings of the current situation on the market and suggest opportunities and ways to improve it, but it is only part of the problem, defining the content of marketing research in General.All marketing research is carried out in two aspects: the evaluation of certain marketing options for a given point in time and their forecast values. Typically, predictive evaluations are used in developing both the goals and strategies of the organization as a whole and its marketing activities.The company, which commissioned a market research or conducts its own, must be given information on what to sell and to whom, and how to sell and how to drive sales, which is crucial in a competitive environment. The results of the study can predetermine the changing goals of the company.Different firms organize the function of marketing research in different ways. Some have special marketing studies, only one expert responsible for marketing research. There are firms, the structure of which is not formally reflected the function of marketing research [3].Special departments of marketing researches usually have large firms that are able to impose significant costs associated with running such a Department. In some cases, the firm is assigned to only one specialist, responsible for marketing research. He can conduct himself scarce marketing research, but mainly it is to assist leaders in creating the necessity of conducting of marketing researches and organization of purchase the results of such research from consulting firms on marketing research. The number of firms the function of marketing research organizational all can be decorated. This situation rarely occurs in large enterprises, but often occurs in small.

1. The concept and essence of marketing research.1 the Process of marketing researchAnalytical function of marketing (marketing research) is the function that connects consumers, competitors and public to the marketers through information used to identify and define opportunities and problems; generate, optimize, and evaluate marketing actions, determine the effectiveness of the marketing mix and improve understanding of marketing as process. Marketing researches are connected with decision-making on all aspects of marketing activity, they reduce the level of uncertainty and concern all the elements of the marketing mix, external and internal environment of the enterprise.Marketing research – the process consisting of six stages. On the ground there is a clear definition of the problem and formulation of research objectives. The second stage – the definition of objects of study. The third stage is development of a plan for gathering information using primary and secondary data. The collection of primary data requires a choice of research methods (observation, experiment, survey), preparation of research tools (questionnaire, mechanical devices), preparation of a sampling plan (sampling unit, sample size, sampling procedure) and communication with the audience (telephone, mail, and personal interview). Fourth stage – collection of information vnekabinetnyh or laboratory research. Fifth stage – analysis of the collected information for display from the set of the data indicator of the average level of the variable components and identify different kinds of relationships. The sixth stage is presentation of the main results, which will give the marketing Manager the opportunity to make more informed decisions. All of the above can be represented in the form of a small diagram (see Fig. 1).Fig. 1. The marketing research process.You cannot begin any research until you have not defined the essence (nature) of the problem.Stage recognition and definition of a problem is the first step in the process of finding solutions. Failure to meet objectives for sales, the growing number of unpaid bills and low turnover – all this is a signal of more serious problems. Researchers need to recognize and identify problems hidden behind these symptoms. Incorrect problem identification can lead to the wrong decision.

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