Marketing Plan Strategy and Tactic
Market Opportunity: Based on the competitive evaluation, there does not seem to be any major competitor related issues allowing for the #to become an effective communication powerhouse capable of advocating the voice of the youth in a proficient manor.

Strategy Selection: The main marketing strategy explored by the # will be to;
Create effective communication and media presence to allow the voice of the youth to be communicated through to key stakeholders.
By exploring this strategy, the #will effectively become a “powerhouse” allowing for more reason to be listened to base on the backing by various organisations and ability to generate an effective media presence.

Marketing Tactics: The below tactics are outlined below that will be used to help succeed in the chosen strategy whilst also pursuing the completion of the # mission.

Re-brand the # back to #.
Promote more media liaison.
Greater emphasis on effective social media marketing.
Creation of ComWeb.
Marketing stunts undertaken to get the # brand out in public attention.
Market research undertaken more regularly so to represent the actual voice of the youth of Christchurch.
Redesign of # Website
Below is a breakdown of the Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Placing (the four Ps) in relation to the #. Subsequently is more explanation surrounding the tactics identified and how they match with certain elements of the four Ps.

Product: Effective communication forum for the youth of Christchurch. Many other “products” will come out of reference groups as they begin to develop their ideas relevant to their portfolios.

Price: The # is not “selling” their product leaving this area irrelevant. If any pricing strategy is of need, it will be done under a cost covering basis.

Promotion: Promotional tactics to be used:
Social Media Marketing
Promotional Stunts in coupled with media releases; newspaper, 6pm news, radio interviews
Communication with specific key stakeholders.
Placing: The #is not place specific and is able to hear the voice of people around Christchurch due to, and not limited to, the size of the council and the use of social media. This allows the # to represent the voice of the youth in more locations whilst also hearing what the youth want in a variety of locations.

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