Mark Zuckerberg Case
Essay Preview: Mark Zuckerberg Case
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Mark Zuckerberg is a good example of someone who has been successful in business. Mark is a computer programmer and is one of the co-founders of Facebook. He is the chairman of the company also. He started programs, in his Harvard dorm room and dropped out to expand the Face book project. He eventually left there and moved to California. After a huge investment from Accel partners, he tried to spread the program school to school. Businesses wanted to buy out Facebook, but Mark refused. The social network grew becoming a social media giant with users all over the world. His company just recently went public and he is 17.5 billion dollars richer.

Mark is one of the youngest billionaires in the planet, so I am certain that he has extraordinary communication skills. For Facebook to get so many users, first he had to spread the message to universities, colleges, high schools, giving speeches about the social network. He had visited many universities and colleges. For colleges to listen to Mark, he had to be a strong speaker. Without his communication abilities, I do not think Facebook would have obtained that many users. I think his communication skills were a big part of his success.

Even if Mark did not have good communication skills, he would still be rich and be successful. He was the brains behind the whole Facebook idea. He created it with his computer programming skills. The main part of his success was that he designed the social network giant. If he did not have communication skills, the other co founders may be able to take his place and he would still be successful.

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