Essay title: Perseplois
In Persepolis 2, The Story of A Return, the main character, Marjane Satrapi leaves her hometown of Iran to attend high school in Europe, for a chance at a better life there. As Marjane acclimates to the liberal lifestyles her peers live in Europe, the subject of westernization arises frequently. Marjane is no longer in Iran but is still Iranian in culture, blood, heart and mind. Persepolis 2 explores the issues of westernization in depth as Marjane’s years in Europe play out. Westernization comes into conflict with being true to herself. As the reader will derive from Marjane’s experiences, westernization brings along with it both positive and negative aspects upon ethnic minorities.

Marjane became Westernized largely in her general lifestyle that she lived in Europe as opposed to how she had lived back home in Iran. Marjane had both friends who were boys, and girls and freely associated with them, speaking in public going out with them as she could not have done with boys back home. Marjane is taken aback at first when her friend announces that she has slept with her boyfriend and also many other men (

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