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Divorce is and can be a very painful and traumatizing experience for any couple. Although no couple may actively wish for a divorce (even though there are some vindictive unforgiving partners who may find the slightest excuse to do so), it is hard to rule out the idea that there are many problems that can occur in a marriage and divorce is the best option of solving it. People often expect the honeymoon experience to last indefinitely and do not wish to acknowledge the reality of a marriage life. Like many of us who are familiar with popular fairytales, the words “And they live happily ever After……” is always the closing sentence of these books. However, as it has been proven time and time again, happy endings are only in fairy tales. The number of marriages that are ending in divorce these days is staggering and there seems to be no stopping to its increasing numbers. Marital issues can be resolved in numerous ways, for example; counseling. Surprisingly, many couples do not possess the patience and the mindset of commitment to work through it and strengthen their relationship and often times see divorce as the best solution to their problems mainly because they do not see that the some of the issues that arise in marriage is simply a test to see whether their vows made at the altar were really for the heart or if it was simply the hormones talking. While altogether, the exact causes of divorce cannot be determines, it is a proven fact that women are more the initiators of divorce than men, according to recent studies. The reasons for divorce are very broad and are as follows:

One of the main disputes topics is money. In most cases, one of the partners may be a spendthrift or a shopaholic. Another is a general financial strangle that can put both unbelievable amount of stress on both partners and usually escalates into a massive argument. Money is a contentious issue among couples that can be seen from the fact that opinion polls indicate as many as ninety percent respondents reporting fights over money. Likewise, only a small percent of couples cite money as minor issue.

Alcoholism and substance abuse in any form can put tremendous strains on any relationship as it may lead to abusive behavior, whether it is physical, emotional, and verbal and the like. Many people do not handle abuse very well and often times it is very traumatic and has last severe effects afterwards.

Violence is a factor that often coincides with substance abuse but may not necessarily be a direct result of it. It may be although the result of insecurity and jealousy at most. For examples, some husbands become jealous when they see their wives conversing with another man, be it exchanging complements or anything related to it. In their minds, they see it as flirting and often times their insecurities surface and that’s

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