Marine Mammals in Marine Parks
In the current society, many marine mammals are facing extinction because of unsafe environment and animals cruelty. Hence, government has built marine parks to save the marine mammals. It is agree that marine mammals should be kept in captivity in marine parks because there will be more chances for people to see these animals, can avoid extinction keeping them in marine parks and human can give protection to the marine mammals.

By keeping the marine mammals in marine parks, they can provide more chances for people to see marine mammals. People do not need to travel to the deep sea to see these marine animals. This will cost much higher than going to marine parks. For example, travelling to deep sea will cost a lot of things instead of going to marine parks with a ticket only. In marine parks, people can see these animals in close distance. People can just stand in front of aquariums to watch them and even touch them if marine parks allow it.

In addition, marine parks can help to avoid extinction. Through breeding program, most of endangered species can have more new born babies for their future generations. This breeding program can also help endangered species to increase the amount of their species. Besides breeding program, marine parks can give a better environment for newly born. They provide clean places and clean water without pollution for marine mammals. Similarly, they also provide good animals care service to make sure these marine mammals are healthy.

Moreover, marine parks can provide human protection through marine mammals. Human can replace the role of mother for an orphaned animal. If an orphaned animal is born without taking care, it may die because of lack of food. Besides this, human has also taken responsibility for protecting these marine mammals from predators. Marine mammals will not be harmed by their enemies such as sharks. Apart from this, medical attention is provided to animal victims of sea pollution. They

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