Christ like Characteristics
Christ like Characteristics
In this essay I will show the unexpected Christ like characteristics in Prospero, (The Tempest), Robert, (Cathedral), and Marilyn Monroe, (Death of Marilyn Monroe). Each one of these people show different Christ like characteristics amongst each other but they share one common characteristic and that is having compassion for something Christ himself had for others despite how they thought of him.

Compassion contains no pity because it does not judge one circumstance of life as better as or worse than the next. It comes from a willing place that we place in Gods hands, presented to us to be lived to it completion. Christ was a living testament; he showed compassion too many even if they didnt believe the things that he presented to them or for the fact of the matter rebelled against him resentencing is teaching.

His whole life demonstrated compassion for others. In (Matthew 9:36 & it says that “As he travelled throughout the towns and villages of Galilee, he had compassion for the crowds of people who flocked to him, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. His heart went out to them.” Compassion is broken down to be with another person or being with strong feeling and with enthusiasm. Christ showed enthusiasm when he taught the word to the people that would flock to hear him.

Marilyn Monroe is a prime example of this being a compassionate person, she had man and women follow her like sheep. They would flock to wherever she was just to get to see her or listen to her. A lot of people only looked at her as a female icon or sex symbol and all that she was but she paved the way for women to be more sexual and feel better about themselves then before. She wasnt just a sex symbol or this huge female icon she was also civil rights advocate, who showed strong feelings and compassion for the black equality. In the poem “Death of Marilyn Monroe” it says that these man where never the same after they saw her dead body. The effect this woman had on these men was the same effect Jesus had on the people he taught too. A lot of

In the “Cathedral” were introduced to Robert a blind man coming to visit a woman that once worked for him but over time became close friends with. Throughout the story youll notice a lot of Christ like characteristics in Robert especially but like I stated early on there is one main

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