Marijuana Case
In relations to social threatening, marijuana affects school, work, and social life. First of all, it damages school seriously. Women who use marijuana during pregnancy may harm their baby’s brain. When those children are born, they have many disadvantages especially in the field of education compare to others whom their mothers don’t use marijuana during pregnancy. They have problems with “solving skills, memory, and the ability to remain attentive” (“Marijuana Abuse,” 2012). According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, teenagers who have ever tried marijuana lost the average of 8 points in IQ and it will not be restored even they stop using marijuana (2012). Secondly, it affects work and leads to many corollaries. Marijuana smokers usually work ineffectively and easily get accident because their physical and psychological health are not in a good mood. As a result, their income decreases negatively while the medical fee is increasing. All of these elements combine to harm our social life: the quality of education drops down, the unemployment and labor accident increases, more fees for solving health problems.

In conclusion, marijuana is a harmful distraction of people, especially adolescences. Although it brings many extreme excitements, it affects the brain, lung, heart and physical health seriously. Furthermore, our education, work and social life are also affected. Thus, if we don’t prevent this disaster, it will spread and destroy our young generation, who will become the owner of future. The government is losing their control of marijuana because of their policy. They have to demonstrate their responsibility to the nation by issuing more realistic policies such as ignore marijuana. It is the time for us to consider examine the freedom of adolescences and the realistic benefit of our social. If we can’t control it, just simple eliminate it.

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