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Louis got married to Marie Antoinette (Maria Antonia) on May 16th, 1770. Although he was only 15, and she only 14, there was great promise in their relationship. When first married, he was fat, shy and a bit dull. She, on the other hand, was an extrovert, and was more concerned with having a good time than running France. Her parents, Francis I of Austria and Empress Maria Therese were obviously displeased with this, and begged Louis to try and calm her down. Marie apparently did not Ðcalm down until she had children. Louis was unable to produce children for several years due to a sexual dysfunction. He apparently suffered from phimosis, but soon had it fixed through surgery. Marie later gave birth to four children.

Before Louis XVI became king, his grandfather was Louis XV. For eight hundred years his family ruled in France. His grandfather had only one son, nicknamed the Dauphin de France (apparent heir of France). He was named this because he died at the age of 35, and never got to take over the throne. His wife, Marie-Josephe of Saxony, gave birth to Louis on August 23rd 1754. Louis was her third son. She also gave birth to seven other children, two whom also became kings of France, and a daughter who became a queen-consort.

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette first bore a female child on December 19th 1778, named Marie-Therese Charlotte. Their next child was a boy, and born on October 22nd 1781. His name was Louis-Joseph, and was named a Dauphin for being the apparent, but not chosen, heir to the throne. Their third child, Louis-Charles was the next king of France, born on March 27th 1785. The last child, Sophie-Beatrix was born on July 9th 1786. If it werent for Louis getting the surgery, his death may have been the end of his ancestors eight hundred year rule.

Louis first became king of France in 1791. His people first loved him, and his choices, but later gave him the nickname Louis le Dernier for his indecisiveness and apparent Ðstupidity. Louis suffered from many bouts of depression during his reign, and this left his wife to make critical decisions. During his rule he acquired several informal names, such as “Louis Capet” Ð-his citizen name- Louis le Dernier Ð-a poke at his slowness- and a name used by few, Louis le boitement Ð-another joke about his phimosis. At the beginning of Louis rule, he spent huge amounts of money, so he and the nobility could live lavishly. While he did this, the Third Estate starved. This caused all of France to go into a deep bankruptcy, which would take a whole

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