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Chapter 1INTRODUCTIONIn today’s generation, we are engaged in highly computerized technology aiming to enhance individual lifestyle and most especially in the world of business. The manual system is now considered obsolete after the birth of the computerized system. Automated system is now very common to lighten the work in the companies. It becomes more attractive to the clients and users considering it can save time and considered hassle-free.Effective inventory management is an important part of a manager’s job. Managers are tasked to make consistent, reliable, and timely decisions under the challenges of uncertainty, pressure, and lack of information. It is often that managers do not have enough time or information to make a perfect decision but they are forced to solve problems using resources within their control.Inventory control requires managers to ensure inventories of the right items in the correct quantities. When an organization overstocks, money is wasted since procuring, storing, and accounting for unneeded items require time, space, and money which could have been used on more critical assets. Likewise, when under stocking occurs the organization will more likely to only partly meet their mission or possibly not meet the mission at all. Also, a weak inventory control system is more prone to errors and fraud. The Norzagaray Municipal Hospital is one of the hospitals that are still using the traditional kind of inventory system. In order to measure the effectiveness of the manual system and to get the necessary data needed, the proponents decided to conduct a data gathering on this Hospital which is done through interview, observation, surveys and questionnaire. Based on the observation and interview made by the proponents, they’ve found out that lots of works are done manually like all the supplies are manually recorded on a paper, the stocks are manually checked by the staff either it is on critical level or not, when ordering stocks, they are manually typed a letter to be print, bills are generated by recording price for each items provided by the supplier on a separate sheet and at last they all are summed up, retrieving of information about the suppliers is done manually on their paper sheets. The hospital is required to make daily reports, monthly reports, and annual reports regarding on their supplies inventory. Production of these reports using manual system is both done with pen and paper. The proponents noticed that these methods seem to be ineffective in such a way that time consuming, prone to errors and unsecured. The proponents considered that a computerized system is needed to handle the hugerecords, to quicken the generation of reports, to monitor the usage of each items and to store the huge amount of data efficiently and effectively from the replacement of the current manual system.Project ContextThe Inventory Management System for Norzagaray Municipal Hospital is a system of keeping track of inventory on a perpetual basis. This type of inventory control ensures items are accounted for and that inflow and outflow status is updated on a continual basis. Automated inventory systems track each item used in production through an inventory software system. When the minimum quantity of an item is reached, an order can be placed immediately and automatically to restock that item. This process takes into account the time needed for an order to be placed and for the company to receive and restock the item.

An inventory system of this type can ensure enough items are available for daily usage. This inventory management tool can also help prevent an excess or back stock of items that dont use quickly. Excessive purchase of supplies leads to a higher cost of inventory, which in turn lowers profits. The costs of overstocking and under stocking items can be virtually deleted, increasing profits.Purpose and DescriptionPurpose. The reason why the proponent developed this study, it’s because the proponents wants to improve the quality and management of inventory in Norzagaray Municipal hospital. Also to developed inventory management system and improve its effectiveness and quality of work. The system is effective, flexible, user-friendly and developed to deliver realistic benefits to hospital.Description. The Inventory Management System for Norzagaray Municipal Hospital is a Local Area Network (LAN) based inventory software solution for hospital, contain clean and user friendly interface. The proposed software solution will automate the collection of inventory information, allowing hospital staff accurately manage supply level, easily monitor patient’s meal, efficiently track product usage, back-up and restore data easily and also have the ability to print the needed report in the hospital.  The proposed software solution will include inventory management system for hospital supplies and apparatus including the monitoring of distribution of meals to the patient. This is one integrated system that contains both the user component (hospital staff) and the admin component (used by the hospital administrators for performing admin level functions). This system runs on multiple terminals, offers a GUI interface to its users and connects to a common database.ObjectivesThe following are the general and specific objectives that this proposed study seeks to achieve.General objective. The main objective of the application is to automate the existing system of manually maintaining the records of the supplies information, requesting supply, reorder levels of items, monitoring expired products, recording supplier information, monitoring of patient meal, finding the exact data, and creating reports.Specific objective. The proponents specifically aim to:To determine and analyze how the existing system operates.To determine the problem encountered in the existing system.To develop a well designed software that would:Help the hospital staff to accurately manage supply level.Help the hospital staff to quickly record and retrieve exact data.Allow the hospital staff to track product usage easily.Help to monitor the patient’s meal.Reduce the amount of paper used in the hospital.Generate efficient reports.To determine if the proposed system is technically, operationally and economically feasible to implement the proposed system?Scope and Limitation

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