Three Managerial Skill That Camp Bow Wow Practices
A manager must have three broad managerial skills to manage the resources of an organization. These three skills are indispensable, but their relative important mainly depends on the managers rank in the organization. The three broad management skill categories are technical skills, human skills and conceptual skill.

Technical skills is pertaining to an understanding of a job-specific knowledge and proficiency in a particular specialized field. The employees performs the organizational tasks through technical skills. Human skill is the ability to work effectively with one and another in an organization. Human skills include ability to lead, motivate and communication effectively. Conceptual skill can be defined as the cognitive ability to view the organization as a complete entity. Conceptual skills is important for the top level management to illustrate the “big picture” and planning the organizational objectives.

Through the interpretation of video case, the owner of Camp Bow Wow in Boulder Colorado, Sue Ryan needs more conceptual skills in her management. As a top level of manager, Sue has to provide an overall direction for Camp Bow Wow and develop particular goals and strategies for its operation. With a great evolution in conceptual skills, the managers can clearly deliver the organizational goals and bring along the employees toward success. For instance, Sue successfully promoting and mentoring all her staffs into more leading position after employing Candace Stathis. Sue has her targeted goals for Camp Bow Wow as well. She wants her Camp Bow Wow to be the best among all the dog care facilities in Boulder and she aimed to be the best in the Camp Bow Wow system as a whole. Sue understands the customers expectation, so she sets a goal on the improvement of customer service level of Camp

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