Manager Roles and Functions
Manager Roles and Functions
In this paper, I will be discussing my analysis on the roles of a manager within the functional areas of business. After reading the textbook chapters, I will be summarizing on the four management functions, what it is exactly that managers do and why it is important for them. I will also be discussing what would possibly happen if this role did not exist and where this person may be found within an organization.

Manager Roles and Functions
According to the textbook, the reason why managers are important is because organizations need their managerial skills and abilities more than ever in today’s society. As the organizations face and deal with today’s obstacles, managers play a very important role when it comes to identifying critical issues and generating responses. Another reason managers are very important to organizations is because they are critical to getting things finished or completed.

In today’s society a lot of managers may not be who or what you may expect. They can range anywhere from being under the age of 18 to over the age of 80. Some run very large corporations as well as even sometimes becoming an entrepreneur. Managers are found everywhere, to government departments, hospitals, schools, museums, you name it. “Over the past 200 years, management focus has progressed from being task orientated to problem and situational focus.” Frederick, D. (2000, 12)

What do you think would happen if we didn’t have managers in our world? I honestly think the word would be unorganized and chaotic. In my opinion, everyone would be trying to run things their way, and people would be really unorganized.

There are four functions of management that I want to discuss. They are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
Planning is an important function, because in this function you have to set your goals, establish your strategies, and then of course follow through with the plan. As a manager in the planning stage, you need to be able to understand everyone’s roles within the plan, and know where and how you will utilize each person and their expertise.

Organizing is highly important as well, because you need to arrange and structure the work. Making sure you have what you need to get the job done. During the organizing function, you will most likely delegate responsibilities to each member based on their experiences or knowledge.

Leading is pretty much where you will be working with people, and utilizing each person in their role to the plan. As a leader, you are stepping up and setting the standard for others to follow. You want to be able to help those that work alongside

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