Management Information System
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First of all, the strength that has been found in this work done is we get the resources from the development manager of the company which also a relative of our team member. It is become the reason why our group chosen Mega Cineplex as our topic. With the manager position, he was qualified to have the authority to get most of the information system of the company. In his job scope, he have to manage office report management, oversee staff working timetable, guide and control projection part and offer help marketing department for advance promotion launching. Therefore, the proficiency of the system of him is exceptionally contribute for our group to complete this task.

However, the operation system explained by the manager was difficulty to understand in details to each of the group members. It is because all of group members having insufficient knowledge about information system so that we also put effort try to google it for more information additionally. Most of the system details was not found it in internet so we also have to consult the manager repeatly to avoid applying wrong information in this written assignment. This caused time-consuming for the group member to check and correct the misstep in the written assignment.

Personal reflection
There are some various issues and problems faced while doing the task. The first issues that appeared is the group members are lack of knowledge and familiarity on information system. This made group member facing a lot of disorientation and confusion where there is too many kind of information overflowed in the web when the group member are searching for the solution. In order to solve this issue, group members have done a great deal of research about the system which apply in Mega Cinaplex. In the support of the manager, he patiently explain the system in detail that applied in the company and help our

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