Freedom Is like a Balloon
Essay Preview: Freedom Is like a Balloon
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How simple and yet how complex may be the world! Millions of people work and live with their own purpose, to be able to provide something better. Every man aims at something, some achieve it, others – no, sometimes their whole life goes into it. On aprav sight – just not the same. But if you look on the other side of things and look at every human individual goal will be amazed by the complexity of the structure of this world and the people in it. I note the relationship, feelings, win, loss, friendship, enmity. So the freedom of man is made up of rules which, if respected man could be free in their own utopia.Boundless freedom measured by what a bubble?Maybe it all starts from a place called the state! Banditry, robbery and fraud – these are ways of giving each state. This happens when one group conquers another group and began to rule over it. Rather than rob the defeated group and to proceed conquerors settled in the place and go from robbery to danatsi.Darzhavata plays an important role in a free society. It must protect our rights, to create conditions in which people can live and work relatively protected from the threat of murder, robbery, theft or foreign invasion.Freedom is mans ability to choose which way to go, whether through the good or zloto.Svobodata can not be denied us if we are not able to pozvolim.Chovek izbira.Svobodata of choice is very important, through it one can make wishes and dreams, but zaviosi what are they and can they be realized, we have the opportunity to realize them.What people mean by freedom? More often than we realize freedom exemption from any commitments to the world around us, but poisoning is impossible.Can a person be completely nezavisim.Ne fully nevazmozhno.Detsata are dependent on their parents and carers and workers from their employers and bosses.As free to one person, it is required to comply with other people and behave well with vsichki.Tuk freedom is a moral commitment to others.Freedom in human life appears to be realized it neobhodimost.Bez our sashtestvuvanee nevazmozhno.Tuk almost have to do to make a distinction between freedom and slobodiya.Slobodiyata to me is the behavior without any inhibitions and use of obscene words and expressions. Freedom is the right man to express their opinions.If a person is confined, he is still free, because freedom of opinion and do his will takav.Negovata will make it strong and will-less svoboden.Nyama man, but weak-willed people. Most cases are pessimist who thinks it is not svoboden.Tova not true. If a man lives, breathes and is born into this world is entitled to express their views and to pursue their dreams and wishes he was free.Freedom is unattainable value. Since man is born into this world, he is free.We think that freedom is unattainable because increasingly dependent on others, but that does not mean that we svobodni.Shtom have the right to own opinion, we are free.We are under the influence of the outside world, but it is especially important

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