How Does Man Addapt to Change: The Martian Chronicles
Essay Preview: How Does Man Addapt to Change: The Martian Chronicles
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In the Martian chronicles the question “how does man adapt to change?” is answered multiple times, but with all the same answer. The author, Brabury, takes real life situations that he was dealing with and made them into out of the ordinary times and settings, but with the same concept. Now he switched the answer to “how does man adapt to change?” to write his book. The answer to the question is of course, man adapts to change by making the unfamiliar familiar. Each character has a different train of thought to the changes of Mars and their findings, but they all have the same reaction of changing the unfamiliar to the familiar. The messages are also great and adaptable to the human eyes but instead of putting the messages into familiar settings, Bradbury puts these messages into unfamiliar settings, which is like the exact opposite of how humans adapt to change.

In “the third expedition” the Martians use the fact that humans adapt to change by making the unfamiliar familiar to their advantage. The Martians make hallucinations of a little town in Ohio so the spacemen feel comfortable. They also bring out images of there family member that have been past away for a long time. The Martians get the spacemen to feel comfortable and get them to adapt to the planet. After they are comfortable the Martians eat them so the men cannot go home and have the earth colonize Mars.

In the story “-and the Moon Be Still as Bright,” the men all adapt to change by wanting to build the familiar on the unfamiliar and destroying the unfamiliar. One man who goes by the name of Biggs starts to name thing after him so it cannot

be familiar to him, and he also breaks the unfamiliar things, for he does not know what they are ment for. The only man who defends the unfamiliar is Spender who feels that he is familiar with what he felt he was unfamiliar when he landed. He feels that he has become one of the Martians and knows everything about the culture. Since the men want to adapt to Mars by making it familiar, they go home and tell the rest of earth. This lead to the chapter “the locusts” which shows how the humans came to mars and built the familiar on mars so they can live there and be comfortable. The humans didnt just come as a little group either, they came in the thousands.

The story in which the man plant trees to make the air thicker so he can breathe easier is a great way

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