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[pic 1]Case 1 – Movvo2431 Marketing Management – Spring 2017-2018Giulia Panzera – 4378Question 1A)Movvo has identified four segments he could target, which we will see below.The first segment is retailers; Movvo’s technology could help them access the same type of big data that helped the online shops grow, like Amazon. They could provide the shops with useful data about targeting, customer segmentation, forecasting and planning and marketing and sales analytics and therefore help them optimize the store layout.Movvo could support the mall managers and allow retail property companies to evaluate and monitor shoppers’ behaviour in their malls, in order to optimize the location of the different shops. Moreover, Movvo would help the mall managers to maximise the effectiveness of the mall marketing, as well as optimize the store mix, maximize rental income (by placing the shops at the “right place”) and define the location of the fixed and temporary stores for an optimal shopper experience.Monitoring the crowds, allowing to route people and managing the crowd flow is only few of the transportation companies’ needs that Movvo could fulfil. Its technology would also help to switch to electronic ticketing and paperless validation methods which would go through a cell phone system, who would work also without network access.Movvo’s technology could also benefit the airports, by providing crowd managing solutions, as well as solutions that would them better monetize the passenger population, meaning it would allow them to understand the shopping behaviour of the passengers in the terminals. Moreover, it helps them to better target the airport’s marketing efforts and reduce the delays, therefore this would increase the airport’s operational efficiency.B) From the view point of the retailers, they consider they are already facing a problem of “data exhaustion”, meaning that too many big data solutions were being offered to them, and therefore their need for Movvo’s technology is not strong. On the contrary, the needs that Movvo could fulfil for the malls were very strong. Malls were more open to location-based data, as they had been collecting manually this type of data for many years and they were employing staff uniquely for the purpose of counting and monitoring the traffic in the mall, by using counters, chronographs and/or personal interviews, resulting in being very expensive and time consuming; these methods also being considered intrusive by consumers.The transportation companies have a strong interest in soft security systems capable of helping them with the crowd monitoring and they have been interested in switching to paperless ticketing for a long time, therefore the need to use Movvo technology could be strong. Airports seemed interested as they also have strong needs that Movvo could fulfil. The traffic in the airports is constantly growing, meaning that there are increasingly large crowds gathered in airports, and the need to monitor them and understand their shopping behaviour is becoming very important.

C) Movvo would help them fulfil these needs as it would provide its segments with useful analytics to improve their location-based marketing. These analytics would help the different segments to monitor the crowds and the layout of the stores, and therefore to maximise their profit, thanks to an analyse of the shopper behaviour. They would also allow the segments to save money and time thanks to the technology offered.Question 2Movvo has are four main competitors. Path Intelligence uses mobile and non-mobile technologies to determine people’s location in the malls. They help malls in the UK to understand shopper behaviour, the relationship between retail brands and the performance of different departments or stores. Movvo could bring superior value to this segment thanks its higher number of features, like for example the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as real time alerts which would increase the accuracy of the shopper’s real time location.Euclid provides analytics for various markets, including retailers, restaurants, transportation and others, by the use of Wi-Fi and sensors. They satisfy the same needs that Movvo would satisfy for retailers, but Movvo would bring superior value thanks to the higher location accuracy and its higher number of features, as well as its lower cost. Moreover, Euclid does not provide mall solutions.Nomi targets retailers and helps them to better engage with their customers, by using a platform that integrates marketing information from the online and offline business. Beacons need to be installed, and together with the use of Wi-Fi and video data, it will provide in-store traffic analytics. This technology could be more expensive compared to Movvo’s as well as not being customizable.The biggest competitor is Experian Footfall, a company which targets retailers and malls, and provides analytics based on monitoring pedestrian flows. It differentiates from its competitors thanks to the value demonstration: they constantly educate their users about the great benefits that this technology brings, and they also often publish their industry analyses in some journals. Compared to its competitors, Movvo brings added value to its customers thanks to its high location accuracy, which is higher than any other technology. Moreover, as we discussed it above, Movvo offers a combination of a higher number of features which are not offered by its competitors, as well as offering important cost advantages. After analysing the different competitors, we can say that Movvo would bring superior value to all the segments: to the transportation and airline segments, as there are not targeted yet by its main competitors, but also to the mall and retailers, as they would target different geographic markets and would provide more complete and cheaper services.

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