How Did Walmart Solve Gender Discrimination Issue?
How did Walmart solve gender discrimination issue?After filing the lawsuit in 2001, many women thought that they will win the case and get back pay, salaried positions and be treated the same as any male employee at Walmart. However, after many years and long fighting in courts between Walmart and Walmart’s current and previous female employees, Walmart won this case. According to the “The Guardian” website, the court reason was that the case includes a huge number of women and will cost too much. They must file cases individually to be heard in the court. Which was in favor to Walmart. The first conclusion that will come to our minds is that Walmart will improve its polices and treat their employees equally but eventually Walmart did not change any rules or move a step towards finding a solution to this problem.Recently another lawsuit was filed against Walmart by women who were treated unequally while they were working in Walmart. This recent event proves that Walmart did not solve this problem yet. According to VOX, Walmart media relations specialist said that “we continue to be a great place for women to work and advance” and they treat all women fairly which also shows us how the company is not noticing the problem it is facing. Continuing to use this strategy will put Walmart in a bad situation in the near future. Many employees will fight more for their rights. Some of them may work hard to find better opportunities outside Walmart. This will result in losing many of the company’s hard workers and will cost the company a lot to find new employees and train them until they gain the same experience as the previous employees. Also, the new employees may not accept working for low rates or receiving minimum wage only. Other Walmart employees may start to feel unsafe working in this environment. Women will lose their passion to work and generate profits to the company after knowing that men are receiving higher rates and because they are not treated well when it comes to their personal life when they are pregnant or are heads of households. In addition to that, all those lawsuits will absolutely will cost Walmart a huge amount of money when women win the lawsuits against Walmart. There is more than one solution Walmart may follow to solve this diversity issue:The first solution is that Walmart must decide to treat men and women equally, pay them the same, give them the same rights, and to promote them the same as any other men employee. After putting rules on that, the company must fire all its human resources managers and hire new ones that understand and believe in the equality between men and women and how to look at the experience and qualification only not the gender of the applicants. They must know how to hire the qualified person in the right position for her/him. Walmart must hire experts in human resources and make them look at the employees’ files and find out their right position that meets their qualifications and suggests the right salary for them.Walmart must pass a new rule regarding when and how much raises to give for its current employees. Each store must have at least one woman manager and this manager must report any discriminating action one of the other managers are making.Walmart must have rules regarding diversity discrimination and fire any employee or manager that discriminates against any other employee after investigating in the problem.Making those changes the company will be far away from any discrimination issues and will make all the employees equal now and in the future. This will make the employee feel much better and they will work harder to get a raise and promotions. Walmart is one of the largest and most well-known stores in the United States. It also employs more than one million employees in the US according to BMR. Having that large of an employee body, it is only natural that some of those issues will arise, but diversity discrimination is not acceptable nowadays. Men and women are equal. They both do the same tasks and deserve the same pay and benefits. Walmart won the previous lawsuit, but that does not mean the company is on a safe side now. New lawsuits regarding women discrimination were filed last years and women and the rest of the world will not stop until they reach the equality. Walmart must make changes to its policies and find ways to solve this problem and prevent it in the future.

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