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I did my report on Malcolm X. Malcolm X claimed himself as a Muslim. He didnt always though. He had some very challenging moments in his life. In his earliest childhood memory the Ku Klux Klan attacked his house. They were forced out of their city because his father was a Minister for a Baptist church, and tried recruiting fellow African-Americans to join his church. The white people in the community called them the “trouble Negroes.” They were run out of their community.

He had two older brothers, Wilfred and Philbert, and older sister Hilda, and a younger brother Reginald. His dad had previously been married previously, and so Malcolm had two half-sisters, Ella, and Mary, and a half-brother named Earl. Malcolms half family lived in Boston, but is immediate family lived in Lansing, Michigan. His father ended up getting killed there between the ages of eight and ten.

His mom ended up meeting a guy, and after about a year he left her because he couldnt deal with six kids. She was on welfare for a long time after her husband died, and the social workers were really hard on the family. They would isolate the members, and then try to instigate harsh feelings. After the guy left Malcolm Xs mom had a nervous breakdown, and she ended up being sent to a mental hospital. For a while he lived with his older brother Wilfred, and his older sister Hilda, but eventually he got sent to a foster home. He ended up getting put into a detention home from there because he got caught stealing from a store. By the time he got into seventh grade he was always competing for the top student with the highest GPA. He always kept in touch with his family in Boston, and his sister Ella visited him for a while. He really liked the fact that she was a strong woman, and proud of her race. He ended up staying with her in Boston that whole summer.

While he was there he met a lot of black people that didnt seem like an Uncle Tom, and they didnt try to act white. When he got back his attitude toward white people had totally changed. Everyone swore that there was something wrong with him. He ended up then moving to Boston to live with his sister Ella. He started hanging out in the ghetto area, and started smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. One of his best friends there was named Shorty. He became a big fan of Swing, and he started learning ebonics.

He ended up getting a job for a train company,

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