Road to Graduation
Paving the way to Graduation
Even though school is a major time demander, academic success here at the University of Phoenix depends solely on the students will and professionalism because the school offers many resources to lead a student to success. So in this paper I will be outlining the type of foundation I will be laying to pave my way to graduation in the year 2017.

The first brick laid in the foundation of my graduation path will be time management. Any path to graduation from any accredited college will be difficult, and this I understand which is why during my period of contemplation of returning back to school to continue my degree I made sure to embrace the idea and develop the skills of time management. Serving in the military in continuing school here at UoP can be a very difficult task. Both institutions will demand a great deal of my time, therefor it will be extremely crucial that I manage my time wisely. Without time management I could lose my military career or college career or worse both.

The first step to increasing my time management skills was goal setting. The importance of this was emphasized by the increasing work load I was gaining every day. There had been a time where I would be able to complete all my assigned tasks before ending my duty day. Those days have long since vanished. Now every day I go into work and make it a priority to map out what needs to be done for the day.

After setting my goals I learned that it is one thing to set a goal but another to actually take the steps to achieve them. What I actually began to do was make sure that I am always doing something that will help achieve my goals a skill learned during my past job while waiting tables at I-Hop. There was an unwritten rule amongst the waiters to “never have empty hands”. This meant that at all times you should be keeping your hands busy, whether that be bringing food or drinks to the customer

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