Globalisation, Media and Culture
Essay Preview: Globalisation, Media and Culture
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“Globalisation, Media and Culture”
Globalisation defined in the text is “integration and intermeshing” and the term itself seems to affect the world in many ways. One major theme I found in the text was the importance and threat of nuclear weapons to our country. it seems the only reason for Americas involvement in other countrys foreign affairs is s because of their large army terror groups or nuclear weapons of mass destruction. One example of this is the only reason for our involvement in both Afghanistan and Iraq is because of the threat ofnuclear weapons and mass destruction. Most Americans werent in favor of the decisions to join in on issues that didnt involve us, but our government did it anyways for the safety of the nation. Another reason would be our involvement due to gasoline since it is a nonrenewable resource. The price of gas is raising at an insane rate and I feel that this is why the U.S. tries to keep their hands on oil countries so that we will be able to continue importing their oil.

Our countrys motive to intervene in wars is based solely to benefit ourselves as a country. One example of this would be our involvement in the Middle East due to their oil fields. Even though we try to encourage the use of renewable resources, we as Americans refused to listen until gas prices became outrageous. Alternate fuel sources are being researched currently, but none of them come close to what gasoline has done for our world, which proves why it is so important to us. The second major theme in the reading was how the government only tells us one side to many major stories or occurrences in history. The government uses this technique a lot against their own citizens by only telling them so much information. This keeps us out of the loop.

The article hints at the fact that the government may or may not have many things that they consider classified and hide from public eye that would be vital information we as citizens should know. Its possible that these supposed secrets could even make us ashamed of our government heads, our standards as a country, and the beliefs that are our countries backbone–life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I found this quote from the text to be very interesting, “The tremendous cultural diversity that we witness is essentially due to the fact that communities remained isolated because of lack of effective communication. Man has been trying to reach wider audiences throughout history sometimes it is a process of peaceful interaction, at other times, violent confrontation.” I found this interesting because its stating that nations have differnet cultures because of the lack of global communication at the young age of the world. So is it now that we have the resources to communicate on a global level that we will see cultures start to become one?

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