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Giving a Helping Hand
Essay Preview: Giving a Helping Hand
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Giving a helping hand
Everyone needs a helping hand no matter where you are at. Growing up everyone wants to help their parents cook or clean. This motivates a person to pursue their education in helping someone. Most tend to need help in the medical field, such as finding a case worker, physical trainer, a CNA (Certified Nurse Aid), and a good RN(Registered Nurse). College students major in these fields because they are inspired by someone in their lives to help people out. With the help of these assistants a person is guaranteed to get all they need, and more.

One major college students major in to help improve the life of people is public health case worker. A public health case worker is someone who provides case coordination to medically or psycho-socially at-risk clients of the Public Health Department; and performs related duties as required. They meet with clients regularly, provide them community resources, and Makes service plans and sets goals for their clients. A bachelors degree in social work, psychology, sociology, child development, or other behavioral science related to medical social work is required for this major and it usually takes four years to get through this major. An additional requirement for this major is that Independent travel between County facilities and client homes may be required. The kinds of job a person can get with having this major are being a case worker, therapist, human resources, and administration.

A second major is becoming a CNA ( Certified Nurse Assistant). A CNA is someone who generally works in the hospital or nursing facilities, but they work from the patients home. The job include making patients beds, helping patients get dressed, bath, medicine, and perform other daily task. CNAs have more contact with their patients. They also assist nurses and doctors by being able to provide them with patient updates with their physical and mental condition. CNA requires a completion of a training program or educational class, as well as a passing score on a state certification test. The training program can be from three weeks to six months depending on the program. The kinds of job a person can get with having this major is working as a CNA in a hospital or nursing facility.

Another major is becoming a RN(registered nurse). A RN works in a variety of healthcare environments to meet the need of their patients. They are responsible for promoting health and wellness, while helping patients to cope with their health problem or illnesses. RNs provide direct patient care, which includes administering medication, dressing a wound, assessing patient condition. A RN also supervises nurses aides and practical nurses depending on their work environment responsibilities. For instance, RNs in hospitals often work in specific area, such as surgery, pediatrics, emergency, or delivery. When RNs work in public

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