Stop Smoking Today Not Tommorow
Essay Preview: Stop Smoking Today Not Tommorow
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To begin, smoking is a terrible Habit for Humans. Even though It is very effortless for He or She to say I can quit smoking; however its not that easy to quit it. Furthermore, in this article we can see that most Smokers who reached the point of quitting actually face a lot of challenges which makes them suffer a lot and return back to their destructive habit which is Smoking. Moreover, in this article we learn a significant lesson. The lesson that we learn is that we should not focus on pills, patch and nicotine gum because they just focus on nicotine addicts only. Additionally, to facilitate the issue of quitting smoking for smokers, they should adjust their behavior rather than focusing on pills and gums. In fact, there are 5 major behaviors that smokers will face in order to cope the quitting issue. Smokers not only should focus on these behavior but also they should turn them into helpful ones. The 5 major behaviors are the breathing pattern, change of environment, replace nicotine with natural stress relievers, hand to mouth habit, shift your acid heavy system to alkaline. Finally, Smoking is an awful habit that contributes to peoples Death. Thus, I recommend to smokers that the best way to stop smoking is to just stop, no ifs and no butts.

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