An Overview of the Aviation Industry
The purpose of this study is to understand and examine the situation of aviation industry which is increasing its profits and becoming a major airline despite the global economic crisis.

Overview of the Airline Industry
The airlines and the aviation industry are challenging with such as situations which forced them to change the way looking to business and reset and also these problems forced the companies to find some certain and long term solutions. Most of these airlines have already met and have been notably prosperous but some of them are still trying to survive. Despite costly fuel prices have certain disposition towards profitability, these companies are more powerful than ever before because of the unexpected request for air travel.

The opinion of decreasing costs is huged enthusiastically by most of the airlines and is excepted as the only method to be able to survive and to guarantee their future. Uncertainly the aviation industry and the airline companies has come through one of the hardest periods and the companies are in an outstanding situation to meet the challenges.

In the last decade the aviation industry showed some important changes:
First of all some leader airlines have been managing under big losses , outcome as bankruptcy and to be able supply enormous restructuring.
Incomes increased from the business traffic has been decreased.
The development of sector via internet
Unification of airlines in Asia and Europe by way of integration
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The Market Structure
Currently, airline industry is composed of more than 2100 airlines and these companies are managing over 20,000 aircraft, supplying flights around 3500 airports. In 2009 more than 32 million flights were made and 2.5 billion passengers were carried by the aviation industry. This industry has become larger around %6.2 by this year despite the global crisis.

This sector can be grouped into four:
International ; 130+ seat planes that can take customers to everywhere in all over the world. These airlines in this class general have annual

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