Deep in Disbear
Essay title: Deep in Disbear
The play Deep in Disbear was an extremely enjoyable experience. I went into this whole ordeal not quite sure what to think, but as soon as I walked in the door I noticed how into the play the performers were. This fact drew me into an amazing story. This play was cynical, comical, and mystical all wrapped up into one. The way the play starts you really dont think that it will go the way it does. The main things that I really liked about this presentation were the acting, the story line, and the magical essence that it puts you into. The character Mark starts off nice but slowly develops into a figure that you really cant put your finger on until late in the play. These types of stories were everything isnt so clear cut kept me tuned into the play. The magical essence of the performance like at the end when everything gets crazy at Jimmys house was very unexpected but really added a lot to the play.

I would like to ask the writer of this play where he came up with this off the wall story line. The entire play kind of jumped around a bit but added to the factor of mysticism throughout the play. This could at times be confusing, but if you followed along

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