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There has been much controversy on whether our athletes should compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and if the pollution there will deter our competitors. The main thing is the smog and the air that the athletes will have to breathe in when they are competing, and this is caused by the atmosphere and the overpopulation there.

When there is no rain or wind, ozone and fine dust accumulate, often to a rate that is two or three times the maximum levels recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is very dangerous and harmful for the competitors and these levels are intolerable for people who compete with such high standards. There has been over 50,000 newborns dead each year and it recommended that exercise should be done indoors to prevent any complications. Endurance athletes spend hours performing at peak levels in the open air, inhaling up to 150 liters of air a minute — more than 10 times as much as a sedentary office worker. This can cause inflammation if fine dust or any other substance enters your body. 20 percent of American athletes reacted to the Athens smog and that is to a lesser extent than Beijing.

In my opinion the Beijing Olympics should be indoors or our athletes shouldn’t have to compete with such harsh standards. There is no point to compete seriously when times and records wont be up to par and even damaging towards or athletes. If the athletes want to compete in this weather then should be allowed otherwise its there personal decision.

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