Obesity Epidemic
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Obesity Epidemic
Everyday there is more and more evidence that proves that America is in the midst of an epidemic. This epidemic has nothing to do with global warming or some form of deadly disease. It is simply that too many people in America are becoming obese. People are continuously debating the causes, effects, and solutions to try to stop and reverse the effects of this country-wide epidemic. There are still no clear-cut answers to the to this enormous health risk that is obesity.

I think that the main problem is that people in America love to eat so much that they sometimes cannot control their desire for large amounts of food or food that may not be the best food for them to eat. If Americans had more self control this epidemic wouldnt be an epidemic at all. The other problem is people here are extremely lazy. They have no motivation or drive to get up off of their couch and go out and do any sort of exercise. They think that exercise is too hard or not fun enough so they dont feel like doing it anymore. If we could get people to do something that they enjoy doing while at the same time having fun there would be more people exercising on a daily basis.

People who play in sports have an early advantage on those who dont play sports because they are already used to incorporating fun into exercise without even knowing it.

They accept all of the aerobic activity because they love or at least like the sport or activity that they are participating in. They are getting a good workout from having fun. This idea of fun and exercise to me is the fastest and easiest way to safely and effectively lose weight. There are some places where this idea is being incorporated into the community knowingly or not with city leagues of softball, soccer and flag football. The show “Dancing with the Stars” has shown America that things that may not always thought

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