Typing Vs Handwriting
Essay Preview: Typing Vs Handwriting
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Handwriting vs. Typing
There are many pros and cons between typing and handwriting essays. However, I believe thoughts flow much better by pen. Because of the pace, handwriting requires a lot more concentration. To me, handwriting an essay is a better way to express your feelings. On the other hand, I really enjoy typing sometimes more so than writing. I think typing is a faster way to get your thoughts down. I believe typing is a good skill to have since nowadays most jobs require computer skills. Nevertheless, when it comes to typing vs. handwriting I would say it all depends on a persons neatness and typing speed.

There are many advantages and disadvantages when handwriting an essay. For me, I respond to material better in handwriting, but when it comes to writing an essay I do better on a computer. My main problem with handwriting is that I tend to think much faster than my hand can write. Because of this I can never get all my thoughts down in time. In other words, I am able to write more clearly when working with the smoothness of typing. After all, handwriting can be very tiring, especially when you do it for an extended period of time. So if you are a perfectionist like me handwriting an essay will take a lot longer than typing one. But of course, all writers have to resort to a pen and paper occasionally.

Similarly, typing has its advantages and disadvantages too. If you cant type, then typing isnt a fun idea for you. I remember when I couldnt type, and it got on my nerves because it was hard to do. So if you cant type I suggest you learn because the world is turning to computers. I only started to enjoy typing when I was able to type as fast as I could think. Nowadays I would never choose handwriting over typing. After all, who can beat the quickness of typing and a computers ability to check spelling and grammar? Lately I feel as if people take advantage of the computers

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