A Report on Fund Raising Event
Tittle : A Report on The Fund Raising EventTo : Pn Aminah Bt IdrisPrinciple of SMK Convent Teluk IntanLast weekend was our first fund raising event(基金募集) that our school organized for the building of a new open hall. As the secretary of the Humanitarian Club, it is my responsibility to give all the information pertaining(关于) this successful event.[pic 1]Firstly, this event was carried out last week on the 10th October 2016. We began at exactly 8.00 am and the whole programme ended at 5.00 pm. The venue was at the school car park lot when teachers vacate(腾出空间) their parking lots to accommodate(容纳) the booths(摊位) set up on that day. They had to park their cars at the school field for one day. The participants were mainly parents, students and teachers with a few outsiders from neighborhood who had heard of the event based in the banner hung outside the school gate. Many attended this fund raising event simply to contribute.[pic 2][pic 3][pic 4]

There were three main objectives for this event and they were all met. Firstly, the event was meant to support the building of the open hall financially(财务支持). We managed to collect a sum of RM5000 profit from the sale of our items. Secondly was to instill(灌输) consideration and kindness. Again this was achieved when the club members showed consideration and kindness to each other during the whole day despite(不在乎) their depleting energy level. Finally, the objective of encouraging team spirit was also achieved by all members. [pic 5][pic 6][pic 7]

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