Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Essay title: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
By: C.S. Lewis
There are three main characters in the story, Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace. Lucy and Edmund are brother and sister and Eustace is their cousin. Edmund is a young teenager, very smart and very kind. Lucy is in her mid teens as well, she is a very happy person. Lucy is always trying to help people with there problems.The setting is first the early 1900’s in England and then in Narnia the fictional world the story is based on.

The story begins with Edmund and Lucy sitting in there room talking about Narnia. Eustace is listening outside their door and comes in to make fun of them. There is a picture of a ship on the wall and as Eustace calls Narnia fake water begins coming into the room out of the picture. The next thing they know they are in the ocean and the ship is at there side.

The ship is a group of Narnians sailing east looking for the seven lost lords of Narnia. Caspain the king of Narnia is leading the search group along with Ripecheep the leader of the talking mice.( In Narnia animals talk and walk around like humans) Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace since came into the world in the ocean they have to go along on the rescue mission. They come to an island and they had to find food and supplies. Eustace decided to go rest for awhile and finds a place up a hill. When he wakes from his nap there is a thick fog and he thinks he knows the way that he came from. He walks down into a valley and sees a pond and decides to take a drink. He sees a cave and decides to go in. Inside the cave there is gold, jewels, crowns, diamond, all kinds of treasure. He puts a bracelet on and while he was sitting in a pile of gold he fell back asleep. When he woke up his arm was very sores and noticed the band was now very tight. Eustace walked over to the pond to take a drink and sees the relexion of a dragon in the water. He had been turned to a dragon by taking the dragons gold. He is a dragon for a few days then Aslan(Aslan is the great emperor of Narnia) comes to visit him

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