The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas Reflection Paper
Goldie Falls
Death and Dying
The Boy in The Stripped Pajamas
Reflection Paper
In The beginning of this film I noticed that the main character Bruno, was one of the privileged but not noticed type of child. Bruno’s dad whom is a Nazi Commander is being stationed near these Nazi death camps for Jews, which Bruno refers to them as “Those people in the stripped pajamas”. One new friend Bruno made was a child that wore those stripped pajamas. I Understood the feelings Bruno had when first moving into the new home. He had to leave his friends and actually start being homeschooled with his oldest sister. Lonely and kind of confused by his parent’s relationship, he seeks adventure to heal his lonesome pain.

Before Bruno and his family moved he wasn’t so lonely. He had friends he’d play with on his way home from school and at his house where his parents had large gatherings of other Germans of high power. Those gatherings stopped when they moved to their new home. Soldiers where the main people that where in and out of the house, but there was one soldier that stood out. He was always with Bruno’s father, and you could clearly tell he had a stressful childhood.

Bruno had no idea his dad was running a death camp for the Jews. On one of those adventures he decided to visit that farm he seen from his room window, me having a curious soul I would have done the same. In doing that he came upon another child named Shmuel that he became friends with. They talked through the barbed wire gate that Bruno thought kept the farm animals from escaping, but was actually the way the Nazis kept the Jews from escaping

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