Are You Ready Boots
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The story takes place in the city of London. A young woman named Lulu is out for shopping in Barneys, where she finds the perfect boots. Lulu has fallen in love with the boots, so of course she buys them. Lulu’s friend does not like the boots. He says they are kinky and she looks like a minx while wearing them. However, Lulu does not care. As long as she self likes them, is she happy. They are the centre in her universe, and she will only wear them to special events. One night out with her friends meets Lulu a quite handsome guy. She is wearing the special boots for the first time in many months. Lulu gets in to a conversation with the guy named Charlie, and they has a great evening. One thing leads to another, and suddenly they become a couple. One day Lulu feels that Charlie is ready, so she puts on her lovely boots for the first time since they first meet. Then something terrible happens. Charlie actually hates the boots, and he asks Lulu not to wear those awful boots! This is terrible for Lulu, so she simply walks away from him in the boots.

The main character is a young woman. Her name is Lulu and she lives in London. She buys those wonderful boots, which is very defining for her. They are very long, they are so tight and then they are made of black leather. According to her are the boots made just for her. She must offer a lot of money to get the boots. Money she should have used to pay to months rent money. Nevertheless, the boots are so special to her, that she almost becomes mesmerised by them. She puts the boots over herself.

Lulu is also quite egoistic. She does not listen to her friend’s advices. The advices she gets are great and she should have listened to them, but the boots blind her. In addition, the whole affair with Charlie is a fine description of Lulu. Lulu does something very unlikely at her first meet with Charlie. Lulu thinks that Charlie is a very handsome guy. As the night gets older, gets Lulu the feeling that Charlie is checking her out. I think that she normally would have behaved as if nothing has happened, but the boots made her go for it. She gets a confident boost while wearing the boots. She feels like she can walk on water. Finally, in the end of the story, when Charlie shows his true face, she at once thinks that Charlie is a jerk. She dislikes people who do not like

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