Abc Company: Extreme Lawnmower – Project Management Plan
Project Management PlanABC Company: Extreme LawnmowerDrew Cramer, Obinne Osuizugbe, and Connor Blair London ON, N6G-3T7, CanadaMagniTech12/6/2016[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]ContentsExecutive summaryTeam CharterTeam NormsMandateProject governanceScope documentProject requirements (BRD doc)Minutes to ALL team meetingsAssumptionsWBSBudget breakdownSchedule with relationshipsQuality controlRisk assessmentRoles and responsibilities of teamChange control processCommunications planProcurement PlanAuthority SignaturesReferences[pic 4][pic 5]Executive Summary:The Magnitech project management team has been tasked by the ABC Company and project sponsor to develop a high-quality riding lawnmower. The Magnitech team is expected to deliver finished products within 12 months. In order to accomplish this task, we have decided on four major modifications to the design. Magnitech will source 0-turn technology, high performance diesel engines, blades with mulching and high lifting capabilities, and clipping boxes. These additions to the lawnmower design will be innovative, and make the ABC Company a huge market player in the 10% niche market. Few mowers in the industry offer all 4 of these modifications in a single model. The effect of creating a single product which offers these intrinsic capabilities to the landscaping industry will give the ABC Company a competitive edge over large market leaders such as Kubota and John Deere. Team Charter:Magnitech:Mission and Goals:Magnitech has been tasked by the ABC company to lead a project on constructing a high end ride-able lawn mower.(Project Charter, 2016) Magnitech exists to offer its expertise in project management in order to consult companies on high end approaches to meet their respective goals. In this project Magnitech will design a high end mower for the ABC company which will be able to compete against large market stakeholders such as John Deer, Kubota, and TORO. (Freedonia: Power Lawn Equipment Market Share, pg.92, 2015)

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