Reading Responses to a Poem: Macbeth
Essay Preview: Reading Responses to a Poem: Macbeth
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Week 4: Reading Responses to a Poem
Tawana Harris
Introduction to Literature (ACI1248D)
Instructor: Katie Surber
January 7, 2013
A summary and varies literary elements there of Macbeth act one opens with the three witches who are actually sisters and they are setting up the entire theme of the play: “Fair is foul and foul is fair.” “The plot is what happens in the story – it is the order of events as arranged by the dramatist or the novelist. For example: Macbeth murders Duncan and takes has place on the throne of Scotland. He then begins a reign of terror which leads to a rebellion and ultimately his own death. The themes are the main ideas of the play. Theme is sometimes defined as “the living idea” which emerges from the plot. In a very complex play such as Macbeth there can be many themes, some obviously more important than others (Marotous, 2011).” The scene turns to the combat zone where the three witch sisters meet head-on with Macbeth and Banquo, telling Macbeth that he will become Thane of Cawdor and in due course become king. Macbeth soon hears of his fresh title, satisfying the first part of prophesies, and sends word to his wife. King Duncan plans on staying overnight at Macbeths quarters. Lady Macbeth hears of this information and immediately plots the fatal plan of King Duncan so her husband will be forcibly made king. When Lady Macbeth is reading the letter written telling of this prophecy, she reads the line “. that thou mightst not lose the dues of rejoicing, by being ignorant of what greatness is promised thee” which further shows his desire for this position (Clugston, 2010). Lady Macbeth then course Macbeth into following her strategy, and he reluctantly agrees to murder Duncan. By the end of Act I, Macbeth is determined to follow through with the plan. However going ahead to act two Macbeth again has some uncertainties, but he soon persuades himself into following through with the murder. “Macbeths castle becomes a symbol of hell when the murder of Duncan takes place. The witches are symbols of evil. The growing tree and Birnam Wood are symbols of good, of healthy growth. A writer often employs symbolism, and uses symbolic images (Johnston, 2001).” Macbeth freaks out so Lady Macbeth finishes the rest of the plan by wiping blood on the drunken guards. The next morning, Macduff and Lennox arrive at Macbeths, and Macduff discovers the dead body of King Duncan. All are shocked and Macbeth plays his role to perfection. The guards are immediately suspected and Macbeth kills them “in a fit of sorrow and rage.” Malcolm and Donalbain, the Kings sons, flee the castle because they are afraid that they will be blamed for the murder of their

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