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Mac OSX User Experience Essay
For those of you that still stuck in windoze land, have no fear; Mac OSX is here. As a 6-year user of Bill Gates Windows, making the move to the Macs creative user-interface was easy. Ive been using Macs throughout my whole life, but only come to enjoy it since OSX was released. OSX is jam-packed with matrix like features, the best pre-bundled software, and boyish good looks.

Some of my favorite parts of OSX are the tiny little user friendly elements. Expose is a perfect example, if I have 20 windows open, with just one click of the button, I can see everything! Also with one click of a button (F11) my windows fly away and reveal my desktop. Dashboard is one of my favorite functions in the operating system hands down I love the amount of customization and it allows me to complete tasks efficient.

(my dashboard made with the built-in screen shot function cmd+shift+4.)
I can check out the latest Diggs, definitions of words (life save in English), connect to my web server, skip my iTunes track, track my flight, play asteroids, and literally thousands of other things. The dock is also a key tool that allows quick launching with just on click, it will hide if you tell it to, and it beautifully magnifies to your pointer if you want it to. FrontRow is another unique addition to OSX that allows you to utilize the apple remote to talk with iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto. FrontRow allows me to sit far from my computer and still the control the music that is being played. These features are not only useful but their fun to watch, they just ooze with coolness. Expose shrinks down all the windows beautifully displaying them live in a smaller reproduction. The dashboard transitions into your screen perfectly making you feel like you just fell back 5 feet., not to mention placing widgets on the dashboard with the gel-like pond effect. OSX has useful tools that are visually pleasing.

One of the biggest strengths is the pre-bundled software with OSX, including iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Garage Band iDVD, Mail, Safari, and others. These programs all communicate perfectly together, allowing me to import iTunes for . I have spent hours on end in iMovie editing videos, creating transitions, adding sound effects, and creating productions of my trips. Its totally intuitive software that allows you to create better videos then you should be able to. iPhoto automatically

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