The Sin Bin’ or ‘lucy’s Heart’ by Lucy Cross
‘The Sin Bin’ or ‘Lucy’s Heart’ by Lucy Cross (2000)Lucy’s life is taking a bit of a turn, when she becomes friends with Bethan, the toughest girl in the year. In detention Lucy reflects over her actions – about hitting her former best friend, lying to her mother and putting school behind[a].Many examples in the text show, that Lucy is very intelligent – and people know it. “What has happened to the grade A student I used to teach?” (p. 34 l. 23-24) Mr. Patersen expresses that he finds her different now, and that she has been putting school behind[b]. But why does it happen, and does it have anything to do with her new friend Bethan?Lucy does not take stand against anyone. “…so that she doesn’t tease me for being square.” (p. 36 l. 2-3) In this example she just put on makeup to please Bethan and then takes it off again to please her mother. She shows weakness and is dependent on her surroundings. That can, among many examples in the text, be an expression of insecurity and low self esteem. She shows her insecurity by depending on others because she is afraid anything she will do herself will not be good enough.“Sometimes when I think about Bethan I get this burning pressing in my head and tummy” (p. 33 l. 13-14). Lucy gets uncomfortable when she thinks about Bethan and maybe that is not only because of Bethans personality but also because of what it does to Lucy. She knows that with Bethan she becomes another person, a person that she does not like herself. Lucy does not tell that anything will happen if she refuses to do as Bethan says, but it is her own anxiety that stops her from leaving Bethan. And who would she even be if not a product of her surroundings?Except for being a victim of her own low self esteem, Lucy shows her new, though side when she stands up against her teacher, Mr. Paterson. “I hate Penny Jones, Mr. Paterson. She’s a creep.” (p. 34 l. 32). She has changed from being an intelligent, decent girl to be a bully, which makes her a dynamic person. Maybe finally standing up against someone gives her a feeling of independence. Bethan gives her that opportunity – the opportunity of being something for herself – and that is why part of her wants to stay friends with Bethan. But she isn’t independent. By saying that she hates Penny Jones, and afterwards contradicts herself (p.35 l.3) she shows that 1) she has her own opinion and 2) she does not exercise it.

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