Restaurant Concept
Lúa Restaurant
Traditional Vietnam Restaurant
I. Concept:
Name: Lúa Restaurant. Lúa is the Vietnamese name for semiaquatic rice, an important plant in Vietnameses cuture. It is also the restaurants trademark logo.

Adress: Geneva, Switzerland. An Asia space amidst a busy street in Geneva.
Designed for average or slightly higher income people and people who want to try out real Vietnamese cuisine.
Capacity: 45 seats, including a small bar with 6 seats.
Staffs: 2 male waiters and 2 waitresses, 6 cooks, 1 bartender.
Friendly and cozy place.
Description: In a busy street of Geneva lies a small Asia restaurant. Lúa is the perfect choice for people to enjoy a good meal while relaxing in a pure Vietnamese atmostphere.

II. Menu:
The menu for Lua will consist mostly of Vietname foods from street food to the signature dishes of Northern, Middle and Southern Vietnam.
Khai vị
Jellyfish with Celery Carrot in Spicy sauce
CHF 16.-
Salad Sứa Biển
Slice Dried Squid with Pomelo
CHF 17.-
Salad Bưởi Trộn Khô Mực
Vietnamese Mixed Salad
CHF 16.-
Nộm Rau Củ
Mugwort Fried Eggs
CHF 12.-
Trứng Ngải Cứu
Deep Fried Cripsy Corn
CHF 7.-
Ngô Sữa Chiên Giòn
Roasted Pork Trotters
CHF 26.-
Chân Giò Quay Da Giòn
Crispy Roasted Duck (whole duck)
CHF 40.-
Vịt Quay Thượng Hạng (cả con)
Roasted Crispy Pidgeon with Lemon
CHF 35.-

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