What Is Love?
Love is unconditional, no matter who you offer it to. Loving one another takes a lot of giving away all of your self to another and putting another ahead of you. I have been there, but i havent had a moment where i thought i could love someone else.

I have seen, friends and familes being in love. I can say that for my parents who have been married for 29 years this coming july, i am not sure how they made it work, but i know there was a lot of dedication from both parties. I think one of the most important things i have learned is my moms love for her husbands, dad has learned recently to change from his old ways when he realized no matter what he put her through shes always going to be on his side. That unconditional love is something, that all of us should experience.

My goal from this paper is to inspire something about the act of love, for me love is showing someone your support by doing something they least expect you to do for them, going out of my way to maybe stop and talk to someone if they are having a bad day.

The other day I was able to meet with a therapy dog and i couldnt be overwhelmed to know that this little guy was willing to show so much unconditional love without even expecting something in return.

When you also think of love i can also talk about the love of our saviour Jesus Christ, dont you think it was exceptionally devoting of him to give his life for our sins, Who can do that, who would rather go out of their way to sacrifice their life for another. i think that is a kind of love that none of us can experiencel It is a day to day challenge to put our needs before others.

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