Levendary Memoadvice and Analysis for Your Meeting Regarding Levendary Café’s China Future
MEMORANDUMTO:                 Mrs. Mia Foster, CEO Levendary CaféFROM:          Consultant DATE:                April 26, 2014RE:                  Advice and Analysis for your meeting regarding Levendary Café’s China futureWORDS:         1000______________________________________________________________________________As your meeting with Louis Chen approaches, it is important to consider the company’s problems and options from all angles. Below you will find an analysis of these problems, as well as the steps you may consider as you move forward. STATEMENT OF PROBLEMProblems facing the companyYou have three major problems with the company’s Chinese extension that must be addressed before anything else. These problems are as follows:Louis Chen’s future with Legendary is in question due to problems he has caused, and his contract will soon expire. Levendary China currently reports its financial information differently from the standardized way of headquarters. Levendary China stores have inconsistent designs and menu offerings, differing both from each other and American Levendary stores.Decisions to be madeSerious decisions must be made regarding these problems if Levendary is to succeed in China. Before your meeting with Chen, you will want to consider the following:You must decide whether the work Chen has put into making Levendary China a success is enough to overshadow his missteps. Decide whether to renew Chen’s contract when it expires.Whether you choose to renew Chen’s contract or not, it is important to decide who is in charge in China. Chen has been working without much oversight. Decide how to better organize and control management in Levendary China. Chen has reported that it is difficult to perform financial reporting in China as we do in the U.S. because of issues with the Chinese government. Decide whether to continue reporting differently for Levendary China or to standardize reporting so that financial reports can be managed more effectively.Decide what aspects of Levendary design schemes and menu options will be standard in all stores and what aspects to localize (if any). Your decisions on these issues are imperative to the company’s success in China, so it is important that you consider each thoroughly and address each before your meeting. Of Course, Louis Chen is at the center of these problems, so his future with the company should be addressed first. The situation seems to allow three possible courses of action for dealing with Chen.

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