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One night I took my girlfriend out to the movies. It was opening day for the movie she wanted to see, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I warned her that opening day meant there would be a lot of people there so we might not get a great seat. I also indicated to her that the moviesЎ¦ indented audience was for the younger crowd. We accepted these facts and went anyways. We were enjoying the movie Harry Potter 4 until there was an annoyance. It was not the fact that there was more than a capacity crowd or that little kids were acting up. The distractions were the peopleЎ¦s cell phones to each side of us. One guy was talking on his phone to his buddy wail the girl next to us was text messaging her friend. It made movie night a disaster.

The people who sat next to us did not understand cell phone etiquette. People should understand when the appropriate time is to use a cell phone. People should not use it wail driving, turn it down in quiet public settings, and not consider a cell phone call top priority. People need to understand that they can be an annoyance and a danger to society wail on the phone.

We see it everyday. Someone driving in front of you that is not paying any attention to others on the road. We pass them and see that they are talking away on there cell phone. People may think that this is not that big of an issue but it is. Ў§At first safety experts focused on the problem as part of the larger one of driver distractions in general. These can include anything that reduces driver concentration on road hazards from drinking coffee to talking with another passenger. Now there is increasing evidence that the dangers associated with cell-phone use outweigh those of other distractions. (iii.org)ЎЁ On the road, Ў§6.4 percent of crash fatalities are distraction related. (iii.org)ЎЁ People need to realize talking on the phone instead of driving could end up making their drive home their last drive.

Another issue is the annoyance of a cell phone. Ў§According to a national survey by Student Monitor, just over 33 percent of U.S. college students had cell phones in 2000. In the fall of 2004, nearly 90 percent of students had cell phones.(Ali)ЎЁ This means that cell phones are finding their way into the classroom. Teachers are being interrupted all the time due to a phone going off during a class. Students should always remember to turn off their phone before entering a classroom. This idea of volume control should be spread to all quiet environments. Examples would be the movies, libraries, and even golf courses.

Another trend I have noticed is when people get on the phone they forget where they are. People always seem to raise their voices to a partial yell in supermarkets and malls when talking on the phone. I have heard people yell profane words unknowingly because they forgot they were in public. Please remember that just

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